Cities and towns are broke and it seems like their solutions are always the same - cut teachers, cut police, let the potholes grow bigger than our cars. So it was good to hear this story on WBUR about what Amesbury and Salisbury did about it - they put their heads together to figure out what services they could combine resources on so that their citizens could get more for less.

It wasn't easy though, according to the Amesbury mayor: “Everybody’s in favor of improving efficiencies in government,” Kezer said. “Everybody’s talking about ‘regionalizing,’ getting more bang for your buck, making these changes — until you actually try to do it. The same critics that were complaining about not doing enough to control our costs — ‘Gotta come down hard on the unions, you’ve gotta do all these things’ — were the same critics that came up, ‘How dare you lay these people off? How dare you change this on us?’ ”


02/19/2011 07:46

Here is a link the WBUR report:

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