Editorial in yesterday's Herald:

"House Speaker Robert DeLeo hasn’t gone as far as we’d like on the issue of health insurance for municipal workers but his willingness to take on the majority party’s natural constituency — organized labor —is a refreshing bit of progress... 

"DeLeo last week told the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce that he’ll support a proposal similar to the governor’s, which sets a deadline for cities and towns to negotiate cost-saving health insurance deals with their unions. If the two sides can’t agree on a plan that delivers savings equivalent to joining the state’s lower-cost health insurance program (GIC), workers would be enrolled in that program automatically. 

"That approach is, in our view, unnecessarily convoluted. City and town managers are seeking and frankly should have the authority to design health insurance plans without negotiating every last prescription co-payment with every last union, the same authority the GIC has. Such “plan design” authority is the stronger approach."


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