This is it folks - the very reason Voters Count came into existence is for the opportunity we have right here, right now. State representatives are going to spend this coming week debating 2 issues: 1) municipal health care reform, and 2) the Pacheco Law. These are both money-wasting boondoggles (over $150 million a year combined) and we have a chance to end them!!

But to be successful, your state representatives need to hear from you. If they only hear from labor representatives, all hope is lost. Regular voters far outnumber the special interests that are doing heavy lobbying to kill any reform, so let's get those calls and emails going and show them we are watching!

1. Find out how to contact your STATE REP by clicking here.
2. Tell him or her, either via email or phone, the following:
-- I am contacting you about 2 issues, municipal health care reform and the Pacheco Law.
-- I urge you to support Amendment 6 which would repeal the Pacheco Law.
-- I also strongly urge you to support House Speaker DeLeo's municipal health care proposal. The governor's plan is too vague and Rep. Walsh's plan is not reform at all.
-- I will be watching very closely how you vote on these issues, as they are very important to me.
-- Thank you.

Try to find out if they are supportive or not, and let us know at And forward this message to a friend and get them to call & email too!

The Pacheco Law is the most restrictive anti-privatization law in the country and is estimated to waste over $55 million a year. Click here for more details on it.

Municipal health care reform would make it easier for cities and towns to offer more affordable (but still generous) health care coverage to their employees. It is estimated to save over $100 million a year. For more background and a simple compare-and-contrast chart of the various options on the table at this time, click here.

Thank you for making your voice heard! It is the only way to make a difference.


04/24/2011 19:53

Thanks for the update, just wrote my rep! Everyone had better get ON this!

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