Ok this is pretty big news... Governor Deval Patrick and legislative leaders are calling for a big change in pension benefits for state workers: "Virtually all future state employees would work five years longer, contribute more to their pensions, and would no longer receive incentives to retire early under a bill Governor Deval Patrick and legislative leaders announced today." Read the whole article here

This plan does maintain a public pension system, which means public sector workers will continue to have a more stable retirement than other workers, in that their pension benefits are not subject to the whims of the stock market. But this plan is fairer in terms of the age of retirement and in terms of requiring workers to fund more of their own retirement. And it is also more affordable for the taxpayer, which means more funds are available for current government services that we all rely upon.

If you agree that this plan is a good one, tell the governor! Here is how to contact him. And also tell your state senator and state rep - here is how to contact them.


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