Ok this is just classic. "Councilor at Large Stephen Murphy, who has said he is undecided about whether to vote for 19 percent raises for Boston firefighters, kicked off his campaign for state treasurer Tuesday with an event at the firefighters’ union headquarters in Dorchester."

For those who have been out of town or in a coma the last few weeks, let me bring you up to speed: the Boston firefighters were recently awarded a 19% pay raise over 4 years in return for coming to work sober. Yeah, you read that right. (See here for the latest) 

In spite of that, Stephen Murphy, Democratic candidate for the statewide office of treasurer, thought the ideal spot to announce his campaign would be the firefighters' union headquarters. And yet according to today's Boston Globe, Murphy’s campaign literature calls him an “excellent steward of the taxpayers’ money.’’"


Bob Kilduff
06/05/2010 21:47

The firefighter’s contract is not 19% it is 16.5% over 4 years. The contract can be read in its entirety online.

Only 2.5% was given as a “drug testing quid pro quo” which translates to about 30.00 per week for the majority of the firefighters. This had to be spelled out this way, versus collective bargaining where it would have just been part of the contract because each issue in dispute has to be matched to a quid.

It should be noted however, the firefighters Union members unilaterally chose to take a 1 year deferral at a savings of 4.5 million to keep several branch Libraries from closing, and to save the jobs of

They have not had a raise since 2006. This contract covers FY2007, FY2008, FY2009, and FY2010. They are the only employees in the city to not have a contract.
The City (by law) has put aside collective bargaining reserves each year to pay the eventual raise. (It will be paid retroactively but the City keeps the interest).

With the exception of the aforementioned 2.5% this is the exact raise amount the Police received for the same time and have been living with for 3 years. (There is also a 6 month pay freeze worked into FY2009 of this award at a significant savings to the City.)

The City received the following in this award:

A 50% Increase in health care contributions by employees retroactive to 2008.

Sick leave changes which include a reduction in yearly use and a loss of a days pay for calling in sick on a holiday or the day before or after a holiday.

The only true random drug and alcohol testing in the entire City. (Police are tested 30 days before of after their birthday and not for alcohol) This is the DOT policy.

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