Remember the triple dippers? The folks getting a pension, unemployment, AND a paycheck? Well the Municipal Unemployment Insurance Task Force has published a report and a set of common sense solutions, including:

■ A legislative change that would no longer allow retirees who return to work for their previous public sector employer to collect unemployment if their annual pension is $53,920 or higher, because their pension offset would be the same as or greater than their unemployment benefit.

■ Employees who work at schools but are not paid by schools — such as crossing guards — would become ineligible to collect unemployment benefits during vacations.

■ Teachers who are informed in the spring they may not be hired back in the fall remain eligible for unemployment insurance, but under a new system being implemented by the Division of Unemployment Assistance, those benefits will stop if teachers receive notification they have been rehired for a comparable position by their current school district or another school district.

(Here is the Boston Globe article on this topic from a few weeks ago)


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