__According to this January 26 Brockton Enterprise article, Brockton is considering taking advantage of the new municipal health care law passed last year (with the help of Voters Count) to negotiate less costly health care benefits for city workers.

"When the City Council’s Finance Committee meets on Feb. 6, its  members will be sitting between a rock and a hard place. On one side is Mayor Linda Balzotti, who wants to save the city millions of dollars by adopting the state’s municipal health care reform law.    On the other side are city unions are looking to protect their collective bargaining rights over health benefits."

The benefits to the city are huge: "If the city had the insurance reforms in place for the current fiscal year, it would have saved about $4 million in premiums, while employees and retirees would have saved $2 million, according to Balzotti." 

$4 million is a lot of money that Brockton could then apply toward schools, police and firefighters.

"She said saving $4 million next budget year – 25 percent of which would have to be returned in the first year to the employees hardest-hit by the insurance changes – would be a “huge” help in balancing the city’s budget."
In addition, "By switching to less expensive plans for current and retired workers, the city would also be decreasing the un-funded health benefits it owes its current and future retirees, currently valued at $693 million over the next 30 years."



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The matter written on your blog really keeps tying the reader till the end. Very interesting use of phrases and idioms.

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