I attended an event at the Boston Foundation this morning, for the release of this aptly-titled report: "Municipal Health Plans: Gilded Benefits from a Bygone Era."

As described in this Boston Globe article, the report demonstrates that municipal health care plans are more expensive than either the state plan (GIC), federal plans, or those offered by the private sector: "Health insurance plans to cover city and town employees cost 37 percent more than similar plans for workers at private companies, mostly because municipal employees pay minimal copayments or deductibles when they get care, according to a new statewide survey.... "The issue is cost-sharing, and right now the cost-sharing of municipal employees is minuscule,’’ said Bob Carey, author of the report. “Cost sharing must go up. It’s way out of synch with the rest of the employer market.’’

For those who prefer their information in bullet-point form, you can also view this power point presentation.

Lastly, I highly recommend viewing the event itself. It was almost 2 hours long but the speakers were terrific:
- Paul Grogan, President of the Boston Foundation
- Michael Widmer, head of the Mass. Taxpayers Foundation
- Tom Ambrosino, mayor of Revere
- Bob Johnson, Deputy Director, Group Insurance Commission
- Pam Kocher, Executive Office of Administration and Finance for Governor Patrick
- State Rep. Stephen Kulik

Also in attendance and speaking at the end were:
Geoff Beckwith of the Mass. Municipal Association
Joel Barrera of Mass. Area Planning Council
Meredith Weenick, Acting Chief Operating Officer for the City of Boston
State Rep. John Scibak
Ed Kelly, head of the Firefighters Union
Paul Toner, head of the Mass Teachers Association

To watch the event, click here. (Note excellent comment by yours truly at 1 hr, 36 min in)



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