In an editorial yesterday, the Quincy Patriot-Ledger noted that upcoming elections are an opportunity to register dissatisfaction with the current leadership. "We hope that those who profess to be truly angry about the current state of affairs don’t miss the chance to puts words into actions."

However they point out that even in this year of supposed voter anger, many incumbents still do not face challengers. "The dearth of competition in elections has hurt Massachusetts for a long time. While we don’t expect incumbents to consider it much of a problem, the rest of us should contemplate why it is, even in a year of great voter dissatisfaction, so few people aspire to serve in the state Legislature."

That makes it even more important for people to show up and vote in districts where there is more than one person on the ballot. To find out which districts have a competitive race, click here


08/27/2010 09:01

With so many uncontested races, I've always wanted ballots to include "none of the above" as a choice. I believe they have this in Nevada ("none" can't win, but it should be humbling to an electee to know he/she compelled so little approval). See .

I would lean to the Democratic party on issues, but the lopsidedly Democratic state legislature is a monoculture, and that has led to inattention, inefficiency, and outright corruption.

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