From today's Boston Globe: "The recent repairs on the Craigie drawbridge provide a banner example of why police details inflate construction costs even when it makes sense to have uniformed officers directing traffic."  The officers started at 7am when traffic is heavy and uniformed officers are a necessity, but by 9:30 am, traffic had slowed considerably... "yet the detail officers stayed on duty until 11 am", thanks to union contracts requiring a 4 hour minimum.


01/03/2011 15:03

Seems fair to me. Some officers probably have to drive long distances to get to these jobs. They shouldn't have to do drive, wait in traffic and such to be told when they arrive that the job is going to be an hour. So after taxes they take home like 25 dollars.
Without the ability to make more than a police officers base salary, which is like 40K, the job would not attract quality people.
Good timing on this underhanded attempt to bash police. Job well done globe.

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