Charlie Baker, Republican candidate for governor, is opposed to replacing pricey police details with civilian flaggers. Mort Zuckerman offers an explanation:  "These public sector employees have a unique and powerful advantage in contract negotiations. Quite simply it is their capacity to deliver political endorsements and votes for the very people who are theoretically on the other side of the negotiating table. Candidates who want to appear tough on crime will look to cops, sheriffs' deputies, prison guards, and highway patrol officers for their endorsement."

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05/27/2010 10:51

Hi Mort,

You cannot be more correct! In the last year I have read more than a half dozen articles on how the public sector employees earn more than the private sector people. This is without their generous pensions and free healthcare benefits even being considered into the equation.I do not know anyone in the private sector that retires after 23 years of service with a pension and free medical coverage for themselves and their families for life. People in the private sector need to work over forty years to have saved enough money to retire. And this is money THEY needed to save out of their own pay. Their company did not set it aside for them. When private people retire they are on medicare and they still need to purchase a supplemental medical plan b/c it does not give them enough coverage. That additional insurance is $400-$500 a month. I know b/c both my parents are currently paying it.

I ask everyone, "why does a public employee deserve so much more than a private sector employee? Noone can answer this question.

Until the politicians have enough courage to take on the unions and change the laws, the states and federal governments will always be in a deficit. The generous pension and medical benefits to Public employees cannot be sustained. This is my #1 issue with our country. Europe is coming to terms with this issue now and the US is not far behind it. I am hoping people recognize this and start pushing their representatives to do something about it. But they are too afraid of the unions and their own jobs.

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