House Speaker Robert DeLeo has put forth a reasonable proposal to bring down the cost of municipal health care and save $100 million for cities and towns every year. Unfortunately
"labor has rallied 50 House Democrats behind a proposal that’s billed as a compromise but would be better described as the Municipal Health Care Trojan Horse," according to Globe columnist Scot Lehigh:

- Unions and municipal managers would have a 45-day period to negotiate health-plan changes, though no savings would be required.
- If they failed to reach agreement, the matter would go to arbitration.
- arbitration awards would be binding on a city or town unless rejected by a two-thirds vote of the council or selectmen.
- the arbitration process is frequently skewed toward labor.

Read the whole piece here

The legislature will be debating municipal health care reform THIS WEEK.. which means calls and emails to your legislators needs to happen this week. We will be issuing an Action Alert on this issue tomorrow. Watch this space or better yet, sign up with your email address to receive it.


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