From the Jan. 21 Boston Globe: "Two months after being embarrassed by revelations that the Chelsea Housing Authority executive director was receiving $360,000 in annual pay, the state agency that oversees hundreds of housing authorities statewide is imposing a salary cap that would allow pay no higher than $160,000."

State officials are also seeking "to eliminate pay to members of the local boards of directors that govern housing authorities." They commonly receive $5K per year.

The article goes on to say that a review of other housing authority salaries found none receiving anywhere near what Michael McLaughlin's wildly inflated salary.  "With McLaughlin gone, state records show that the highest paid housing directors are Richard J. Sergi of Brockton, who is paid $166,527 to manage 3,430 housing units; Gregory Russo of Cambridge, who makes $165,380 to manage 2,700 housing units; and Joseph Macaluso of Somerville, who is paid $160,000 to oversee 2,520 housing units." (McLaughlin was managing 1415 units)


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