Scot Lehigh writes about the gubernatorial candidates and what they're saying about reform... and whether their promises are realistic.


09/20/2010 12:39

So, I think Mr. Lehigh makes some valid points, but he really shouldn't put words in candidates' mouths.

If anything, I think Baker and Cahill's response were more of the "I don't have anything that you'll want to hear" variety than the "I don't know know" variety.

The fact of the matter is ... Government has to be tactical and strategic.

Restoring taxes and rebuilding our state into one that is not overbearing in business costs is strategic. We are in the bind we are in today because of the price we have to pay for poor strategic decisions that were made in the past.

The obvious answer is, just like any household that faces such a shortage of unds, that priorities will have to be stated and short term cuts will HAVE to be made ... tough as that decision is going to be ... in order to meet the short term gap and we will have to start living WITHIN OUR MEANS as a practice.

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