Today's Globe reports "Patrick signs a painful budget".  There will be cuts to social workers for the developmentally disabled, cuts to early intervention programs for toddlers, cuts to higher ed, cuts to every environmental agency.

Yet even as we are making cuts to what some would argue are core governmental responsibilities, we are still spending tens of millions of dollars a year on bloated pensions, overly generous health care packages, the Pacheco Law, and other wasteful practices. Government should be about allocating scarce resources to where it is most needed, not to those who are the best connected. And that is why we founded Voters Count - to help voters force our legislators to stop the waste, or else face the consequences on Election Day.

(On the bright side, the budget signed by Governor Patrick does eliminate frivolous holidays!!)


07/04/2010 07:28

And as usual, the Dems only ever mention cutting programs that involve the elderly, handicapped, children, etc. so everyone will be concerned and say we can't do that. More smoke and mirrors.
Election day is coming.

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