Important column by Scot Lehigh today pointing out that the governor may not be as much of a reformer on the municipal health care issue as he has proclaimed:

"The section of Patrick’s legislation that would bring this about is all of four sentences long. The last sentence merits particular attention. It would grant the secretary of administration and finance power to issue regulations “determining the extent to which reduced costs to the municipality resulting from adoption of coverage under this section shall be shared with the municipality’s employees."... So would local employees get some of the savings, estimated at about $100 million in year one? And if they do, would that happen just in the first year, or will that sharing be a permanent arrangement?"

The devil, as always, is in the details. Please call Governor Patrick's office and tell him you expect REAL REFORM, not faux reform that merely moves the money around but still ends up benefiting a small group of insiders rather than the taxpayers.


02/03/2011 16:30

This is EXTREMELY disappointing. I, like many, were pleased with the initial explanation of the governor's proposal -- I fired off notes to the gov, my rep, and my state senator in support. But this exposure of the weasily nature of the reality of the governor's proposal is EXTREMELY disappointing. My town is facing a major crisis over unfunded pension and health benefits, and I was hoping this would help us get some control over the costs.

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