The Globe reports  today that the UMass Building Authority Board voted 9 to 2 in favor of requiring a union workforce for $750 million makeover of the UMass Boston campus. Proponents justify the higher labor cost as being "a worthwhile insurance policy against a disruptive labor dispute."  (Is it just me or does this sound like a protection racket?)

This points to a larger problem:  Massachusetts' infrastructure is in desperate need of repair. The backlog has been estimated to be $17-20 billion. We cannot afford to inflate construction costs by an estimated $100 million when we have so many urgent infrastructure needs.



06/18/2010 06:57

What is the source for the $100 million estimate of additional costs? Seems way to small for the entire infrastructure backlog, or is it for UMass only?

06/21/2010 11:48

I beleive the $100 million is just for the UMass project.

This is just another tactic of Gov. Patrick to please the unions and keep their votes. They are trying to force all the out of work contractors and laborers to join unions.

06/22/2010 09:26

Yes the $100 million came from the Globe article and is just for the UMass Boston project. I am looking into where that number came from however and will report back here when I find out.

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