According to yesterday's Herald, public sector unions are fighting the proposal to reform municipal health care benefits. "Bay State union honchos yesterday struck back against House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo’s $30.45 billion budget that includes legislation giving cities and towns broad powers to raise health-care co-payments and deductibles for their workers.

“It’s almost Wisconsin-esque, I would say, that they would eliminate our right to bargain, sit down and meet with our employer on the issue of health insurance,” said Raymond McGrath, legislative director of SEIU-NAGE. “The movement in the great liberal state of Massachusetts is not to the liberal end of things, it’s to the conservative end of things.”

Municipal health care reform will save millions of dollars for cash-strapped cities and towns, money that can go toward education and public safety - which not incidentally means union jobs. Municipal health care reform is not "anti-union", it is pro-taxpayer and pro-good governance.


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