Talk radio host Michael Graham is having me as a guest on his show this morning at 10:50 AM, 96.9 FM to talk about Voters Count. His listeners should love us!


Matthew Steinel
03/29/2011 07:56

Heard you today on 96.9 and signed up immediately. Great to hear someone is keeping an eye on the issues that matter to the Tax Payers and getting that information to us. Thanks so much for all you are doing.

03/29/2011 08:13

I also heard you on Michael Graham's show today and I want to thank you for going to all the trouble involved with creating such a great one stop place for action. I look forward to the action alerts and weekly news letters.

03/29/2011 08:33

Heard you on the show this morning. Love the site, will definitely try to spread it around! Beacon Hill has been held unaccountable for way too long.

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